360° Video & Expo Expo Re-Cap

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It isn’t hard to see that technology is a quickly changing and ever-expanding field. With so many new imaging options available we research and field test a lot of new toys before deciding which ones provide the best impact and are most beneficial to our industry and clients. As the leaders in trade show and conference video and photography services, we take our role in providing you with not just the newest tools but the most relevant and cost effective ones too.

One of today’s more exciting technology trends is the growing popularity of 360° video. We are excited by the engagement that 360° video has on phones, tablets, computers and the ability to live stream to social media platforms. These videos are not seen via an enclosed headset that removes the viewer from their surroundings. Instead of creating an isolated experience, OA is pushing the 360-degree content out to all platforms that reaches a larger audience.

In addition to the shared experience of 360° video it now allows your viewer to step inside your booth or show. Your client can go from being on the outside looking in, to stepping inside and gaining a visceral sense of what it is like to be at your exhibition. The experience becomes more interactive, which heightens the engagement with your product and brand. Being able to take your phone and move your own body in the space, seeing new aspects of the exhibition as you turn from left to right, up to down, is half the fun in our opinion.

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360° video will continue to grow in popularity and we are excited to see where it heads. Because most of us now have a smart phone and are linked into social media, the ease of accessibility to 360° video is strong. We do not want you or your clients to have to struggle to see your important work. Offering this service places your brand at the tips of the public’s fingers in new and interactive ways.

Please head to the OA Vimeo page to experience some of the recent 360-degree productions we produced.

Expo Expo re-cap:

Our time in San Antonio was great. We had the opportunity to share our services and meet with many new folks and companies and to catch up and visit with friends and colleagues from around the country. It was fantastic to see everyone. Special thanks to IAEE for bringing OA in as a sponsor and to be a part of the Show of Shows! See you all in 2018 in New Orleans!!


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