Quick! Look Up! It’s Hawk Eye!

The problem:
How do you capture a busy show floor, press conferences and exhibit booths that are too large and dynamic to fully capture from the ground or too difficult to capture using a drone?

The answer:
Hawk Eye. Our 24-foot tri-pod has a motorized head that pans 360 degrees and tilts all the way from the ground to the ceiling. As a popular choice for many of our clients, you can view samples of the Hawk Eye’s capabilities at the Chicago Auto Show and more in this post.

How it works:
Connected to the camera atop Hawk Eye is a Wi-Fi transmission coupler that sends the cameras image to an iPad or phone. An app gives us full control of the camera’s focus and zoom and can toggle between stills and video. The images can be transmitted to our clients within moments for immediate distribution on social media and press. We are now able to capture exhibit booths and show floor action that was unable to be seen in years past.
So successful and impressive were the images from Hawk Eye that Chicago Event Management (CEM) contracted Oscar to photograph the start line of the 2016 Chicago Marathon. Oscar set-up Hawk Eye just a hundred yards from the start line and captured never before seen images of the start of the race.



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