Virtual Event & Live Streaming Production Services


OA, in partnership with GlobeStream Media, is providing a variety of options for conducting high production value virtual events. We offer live streaming services that allow for interaction and integration with remote speakers, options for sponsorship, branding and monetization with secure and private access.

From GlobeMedia’s Studio in Dallas, Texas we have the ability to produce a fully remote broadcast production. The cameras and audio equipment on site stream to our secure, remote control room where a live production is produced complete with graphics, video playback of pre-recorded content or even commercials. This streamlined production reduces travel and on-site equipment costs. Remote panelists and speakers can be integrated into your virtual event using advanced, high-quality Skype TX transmissions and Microsoft Azure network. Content can be delivered from virtually anywhere around the world.

High Production Value

Good content delivered with high production value helps keep your audience engaged and multi-camera live productions deliver exciting visuals to go along with your content. A high-quality live stream with graphics, pre-recorded content and sharp audio can keep your audience’s attention.


Once your event is complete, session content can be made available for on demand access for up to a year on our hosted platform. Alternatively, we can deliver each conference session video to you for independent distribution.


Provide sponsors and exhibitors the opportunity to deliver messaging to their core demographic via targeted branding. Branding and promotional opportunities available in both the web browser as well as the live stream content itself.


Through a secure pay wall you have the ability to monetize your content and deliver ROI for your production.